How to Start a Dog Boarding Business

Are you a dog lover looking to turn your passion into a profitable business venture? Starting a dog boarding business could be the perfect opportunity for you! With the increasing number of pet dogs in India, estimated to reach 31 million by the end of 2023, the demand for quality pet care services is on the rise. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the essential steps to start your own dog boarding business and tap into this growing market.

Understanding Dog Boarding

Before diving into the business aspect, let’s clarify what dog boarding entails. Dog boarding, also known as dog daycare, is a service that allows pet owners to drop off their furry friends for a specific period, usually while they are away at work or on vacation. As a dog boarding business owner, you’ll be responsible for providing a safe, comfortable, and fun environment for the dogs in your care.

Market Potential and Growth

The Indian pet industry is witnessing exponential growth across all segments, including food, accessories, grooming, and boarding. Reports indicate that the market is growing at an annual rate of 14% and is expected to reach $630 million by 2023. This presents a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs to establish a thriving dog boarding business.

Getting Started

To begin your dog boarding journey, you’ll need a suitable location and property. Look for a space that offers ample room for dogs to play and roam, preferably with a fenced yard. A 3,000-3,500 sq ft land would be ideal. Consider leasing a property with an existing office space to save on construction costs.

Setting Up the Facility

Once you have secured the location, it’s time to set up and furnish your dog boarding facility. You’ll need to construct 6-7 rooms or iron cages for the dogs, each equipped with a bed, food bowl, and proper ventilation. Don’t forget to create a dedicated play area with toys, slides, and even a swimming pool to keep the dogs entertained and active.

Investments and Expenses

Starting a dog boarding business requires a significant upfront investment. Expect to spend around INR 5.5-6 lakh on furnishing and additional construction, INR 30,000-35,000 on the play area, and INR 80,000-90,000 on utility deposits, website development, permits, and miscellaneous costs.

Operating costs will include rent (upwards of INR 1.25 lakh per month for a 3000 sq ft land), electricity and water bills (around INR 20,000 per month), dog food (INR 9,000-12,000 per month), staffing (approximately INR 90,000 for 2 assistants and 2 office staff), and marketing expenses (INR 15,000-20,000 per month).

Revenue and Profitability

Your primary source of revenue will be the fees charged to dog owners. Overnight stay charges for a basic non-AC room range from INR 800-1000, while AC rooms can fetch up to INR 1,200. Day care charges are typically lower, around INR 600-700 for a 10-hour stay. With 100 overnight bookings and 50-60 day care bookings, you can expect a profit margin of 20-25%. However, building a sizeable customer base may take 8-10 months.

Marketing Your Business

To attract customers, you’ll need to invest in marketing efforts. Create a website to showcase your services, pricing, and contact information. Leverage social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to connect with potential customers. Consider offering special activities for pets, such as birthday celebrations or fashion shows, to create buzz and engage pet parents.

Prioritizing Safety and Care

As a dog boarding business owner, the safety and well-being of the dogs in your care should be your top priority. Conduct thorough temperament tests for new canine clients to ensure a safe environment for all. Train your staff to recognize and respond to changes in dog behavior, and maintain a clean and hygienic facility at all times.


Starting a dog boarding business in India can be a rewarding and profitable venture for dog lovers with an entrepreneurial spirit. By understanding the market potential, setting up a well-equipped facility, and prioritizing the safety and care of the dogs, you can build a successful business that provides a valuable service to pet parents. Remember to invest in marketing, hire dedicated staff, and continuously improve your services to stand out in this growing industry.


What licenses and permits do I need to start a dog boarding business in India?

You’ll need to obtain a trade license from your local municipal corporation, as well as a GST registration if your annual turnover exceeds INR 20 lakh. Additionally, you may need to comply with animal welfare regulations and obtain necessary certifications.

How much can I charge for dog boarding services?

Overnight boarding charges typically range from INR 800-1200 per night, depending on the room type and amenities provided. Day care charges are usually lower, around INR 600-700 for a 10-hour stay. You can adjust your pricing based on the size, age, and specific needs of the dogs.

How many staff members do I need to run a dog boarding business?

Initially, you may require 2 assistants to help with dog care and 2 office staff to handle administrative tasks. As your business grows and you accommodate more dogs, you may need to hire additional staff to ensure proper care and supervision.

What should I look for when hiring staff for my dog boarding business?

When hiring staff, look for individuals who are passionate about dogs and have experience in pet care. They should be trained in canine first aid and have a good understanding of dog behavior. Additionally, seek employees who are reliable, responsible, and able to work well in a team.

How can I ensure the safety of the dogs in my care?

To ensure the safety of the dogs, conduct thorough temperament tests for new clients to identify any aggressive or problematic behaviors. Train your staff to recognize and respond to changes in dog behavior, and maintain a clean and secure facility. Regularly inspect your equipment and play areas for potential hazards, and have a clear protocol in place for emergencies.

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